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In order to train I have come up with a starting formula to see how it will affect training difficulty.

Each Stat (PL, HP, KI, etc.)* .10* Amount of Days Trained* Gravity* .20 then add the answer to original base stats.

The stats used in the training formula has to be your BASE STATS not any transformed stats.

For all stat calculations that contain decimals please round to the nearest decimal (whole number).

When training you can't battle, saga, or do jobs. Only make purchases or rp of your training on the appropriate planet.

Maximum amount of time that you can stat train is 3 weeks, unless learning a move.

When learning a physical or ki move the amount of time it takes is the level of the move in days.

When learning a technique the amount of time is the level doubled in days.

If training to learn a move or technique than follow the same training formula. 

You can only stat train on planets with more than 6x gravity for up to two weeks at a time, unless you're learning a move. After that you can't train on any planets with *6 or more gravity for at least one month.

Sparring is also an option. You can spar once a day, but whoevers health reaches the halfway point first loses. NO TRANSFORMATIONS. If you win, multiply your opponents base stats by .05 and then by gravity and add the product to your stats. If you lose than multiply your opponents stats by .10 and then gravity, then add the product to your stats.

You can train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber too, see the Message Board for details.

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