Dragonball Z True Champions

Where Champions Are Made


Techniques can be learned on any planet with the exception of Kaioken and Stone Spit which must be learned in the Afterlife.

Lvl 1

Healing: Can heal allies in battle by 10% per turn. Works on all allies you have at the time. Nameks Only.

Hypnosis: If PL is higher put opponent to sleep for 1 turn.

Mind Control: If Ki is higher, stop opponent from moving for 1 turn.

Lvl 2

After Image Technique: Move so fast double your speed for 2 turns, not including the turn you use this technique.

Psychokenisis: Can freeze Opponent for one turn, two if your ki is higher than theirs.

Regenerate: You can regenerate 10% of your total health at a time.

Lvl 3

Absorb: Take 20% of opponents remaining HP and add it to yours. Can use once per fight. Opponent cannot block/dodge. Alien/Nameks/Changlings only.

Multi Form: Split into four entities. each fighter gets 1/4 of original stats. Last for 3 turns not including the turn you use it.

Power Lend: If in any type of team battle you can lend your power, down to one in each stat, to an ally for the duration of the fight.

Papparaper: Can transport People (enemies, allys) to another planet.

Solar Flare: Opponent loses two turns. Opponent cannot block/dodge.

Lvl 4

Body Change:
Swap body with the victim for about 3 turns. But then, both fighters can't use any move from their new body UNLESS they knew the move in their original body.

Energy Absorb: Can absorb 50% of ki attack damage and add it to ki. Can only use once every 3 turns. Android Only.

Energy Barrier: Can shield you and any allies from all damage but drains 25% ki per turn and cant charge ki until all ki is gone or you drop the barrier.

Janemba Portal: Can divert lvl 7 and below ki attacks into a portal.

Stone Spit: If speed is higher, then your opponent loses 3 turns when you spit on them.

Lvl 5

Cube Fade: Can dodge any attack no matter what. Can only be used twice in battle.

Fusion Dance: When fused the characters stats are double the stronger persons stats plus the weaker persons stats on top.

Imprisonment Ball: Opponent loses 2 turns no matter what. If your ki is higher, at the end of two turns opponent is dealt the damage of a lvl 5 ki attack.

Instant Transmission: Can go to any planet whenever you want. And dodge any attack if speed and ki are higher than opponents.

Kaioken: Ability to increase ones power at will.Can only be used in base form. Must train ten days for every upgraded form of Kaioken.
*5 = Half your base stats added on top of your base stats. Effects last 5 turns. Not including the turn you transform.
*10 = All stats doubled. Effects last 4 turns.
Not including the turn you transform.
*15 = All stats tripled. Effects last 3 turns. Not including the turn you transform.
*20 = All stats quadrupled. Effects last 2 turns. Not including the turn you transform.

Kyodaika: Transform into giant form. All stats *5. Can only do in base form. Is a technique and requires ki use for all races except namekians.

Super Kaioken: The ability to use Kaioken while in ANY transformed state using the Kaioken scale.

Time Freeze: Can freeze time for 3 turns. (Opponent loses 3 turns if ki is higher)

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