Dragonball Z True Champions

Where Champions Are Made


1. No god modding.

2. No cheating, like posting fake stat updates, and any mod ever caught cheating will be banned immediately.

3. If you join this site please read EVERYTHING on the main pages first, I have no problem helping out first time roleplayers, but people who just don't read instructions and join for the sake of joining is a waste of space and I don't need that.

4. Make sure you vote for the site off our home page EVERY POSSIBLE CHANCE. The more votes the more popular we become and the more members we gain. We are already #2 out of 25 so keep it up.

5. If you are not active for at least two weeks without letting me know, I will delete the characters, so try to stay active.

6. You must post your signature as your stats

7. For everyone (saiyans especially) NO LOSING ON PURPOSE IN REAL PERSON BATTLES just to get the stat gains. With Sagas that is a form of training so it is acceptable to face an opponent you know you cant beat.

8. I have a bad habit of cursing, so I understand using it now and then but over and over is just distasteful, so keep it on a normal level.

9. I also understand that people make mistakes so everyone will be given equal chances, but breaking rules repetitively even after being given those chances is the best way to get banned.

10. When playing sagas you must first post what saga you are doing in the saga battle posts and wait for a mod to be the other character you battle.

11. If you want to attack someone and they have a bodyguard you must challenge their bodyguard first, unless that person agrees to face you.

12. If you want to fight/spar someone you do not have to be on the same planet. Just post in the Battles board. Make sure to label the thread spar: whoever vs whoever or battle: whoever vs whoever.

13. For both types of fusion it only lasts for the duration of the battle. Also when calculating battle stats you use both each others Racial Abilities.

14. No racism.

15. Have fun.

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