Dragonball Z True Champions

Where Champions Are Made


Warrior: Earn 2,000 Zeni a day.

Capsule Corp Worker: Earn 2,000 Zeni a day

Bodyguard: If you are a bodyguard you make commision every time you are needed. 2,500 every time. 1,000 Z a day

Bounty Hunter: When someone offers you a bounty to kill someone you will only get paid if you succeed. However much is agreed upon. 1,000 Z a day

Trainer: Can be one of two jobs you help train weaker characters by sparring with them. However the formula changes, the trainer gets no stats and the pupil will get 2% of the trainers stats. Also, you don't battle out the sparring session. You must write a roleplay with your trainer. 10 post total minimum. (5 you, 5 trainer) Minimum PL of 75,000 to be a trainer. Make 5,000 per pupil you have per day, pupils pay you. Can only train the same pupil once per month.

Mod for the Site: 3,000 Zeni a day.

All suggestions, Ideas, etc: 500 Zeni unless i say they are worth more.

Earth's Guardian: Every week a new guardian is selected from highest PL to lowest. Earn 5,000 Zeni a day as Guardian.

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