Dragonball Z True Champions

Where Champions Are Made


You must post in dragonball search section that you are searching for a DB. In order to find a Dragonball you must post a 5-10 sentence (more is fine) roleplay about searching for the Dragonball. When a mod sees it he/she will update it & your profile w/ the ball you find or the opponent you must roleplay about facing. On these occasions you may have to roleplay a fight with one of the following people for the ball:

  1. Bandit Yamcha 4 Sentence min.
  2. Boss Rabbit 5 Sentence min.
  3. 2 Red Ribbon Soldiers 6 Sentence min.
  4. Captain Silver 7 Sentence min.
  5. General Blue 7 Sentence min.
  6. Tao Pai Pai 8 Sentence min.
  7. Advisor Black 8 Sentence min.
  8. Pilaf, Shuu, & Mei 9 Sentence min.
  9. Piccolo Daimao 10 Sentence min.
  10. Piccolo (Majunior) 10 Sentence min.

Possible Wishes:
You must choose only one wish.
50,000 Zeni
A Lvl 6 Weapon
A Lvl 10-15 phys. attack
A Lvl 10-20 ki attack
Any one item from Capsule Corp.
Any Technique
King Vegetas Personal Armor
Stats equivalent to 3 weeks training on *8 gravity w/ Extra Weighted Clothing.

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